Angel d’Agostino y Ángel Vargas – Ahora no me conoces

Machito y Charlie Parker – Mango Mangue

Lucio Demare y Juan Carlos Miranda – Malena

Arsenio Rodríguez – Dame un cachito pa´huele

Aníbal Troilo y Francisco Fiorentino – Te aconsejo que me olvides

Rita Hayworth (Margarita Carmen Cansino) – Gilda

Miguel Caló y Raúl Iriarte – Los despojos

Machito & his Orchestra – Congo Mulence

Carlos di Sarli y Alberto Podestá – Junto a tu corazón

Chano Pozo y Dizzy Gillespie – Manteca

Osvaldo Pugliese – Amurado

Machito & his Orchestra – Ring-a-levio


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Barrio Latino


Proyecto Barrio Latino is a Ukrainian project that has been promoting music, dances, sports, cinema in Spanish and Portuguese for twenty years now. It consists of our encyclopedias of both Latin and non-Latin music and our recently launched label aimed at promoting good music worldwide. Follow our series of interviews with the stars and hop in if you feel like you could contribute!