Glenn Miller Big Band – St. Louis Blues March

Bing Crosby – Comin’ In on a Wing And a Prayer

Lena Horne – Stormy Weather

Osvaldo Pugliese Orquesta – Farol

Tommy Dorsey Big Band – Katie Went to Haiti

Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters – Pistol Packin’ Mama

Xavier Cugat Orchestra – Brazil

Duke Ellington Big Band – Perdido

Lucky Millinder Orchestra & Trevor Bacon – Sweet Slumber

Ángel d’Agostino Orquesra & Ángel Vargas – El trompito

Carmen Costa – Já é madrugada

Freddy Martin Orchestra & Jack Fina – Warsaw Concerto

Detroit Symphony – Symphony #2, Flight Symphony

Benny Goodman Big Band – Minnie’s in the Money

André Claveau – J’ai pleuré sur tes pas

Tommy Dorsey Big Band – Well Git It


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Barrio Latino


Proyecto Barrio Latino is a Ukrainian project that has been promoting music, dances, sports, cinema in Spanish and Portuguese for twenty years now. It consists of our encyclopedias of both Latin and non-Latin music and our recently launched label aimed at promoting good music worldwide. Follow our series of interviews with the stars and hop in if you feel like you could contribute!