Noroc – La drum

Dizzy Gillespie & Arturo Sandoval – Rimsky

Bob James – Shamboozie

Mosalini, Beytelmann, Caratini – El choclo

Tom Waits – Tango (from One from the Heart)

Jean-Michel Jarre – Arpegiator

Casiopea – Take Me

James Last – Biscaya

Rocío Jurado y Manolo Samlucar – Gitanita

John Lewis – That Slavic Smile

Michael Jackson – Billy Jean

Dizzy Gillespie & Arturo Sandoval – And Then She Stopped


A Little Story About The

Barrio Latino


Proyecto Barrio Latino is a Ukrainian project that has been promoting music, dances, sports, cinema in Spanish and Portuguese for twenty years now. It consists of our encyclopedias of both Latin and non-Latin music and our recently launched label aimed at promoting good music worldwide. Follow our series of interviews with the stars and hop in if you feel like you could contribute!